How to fix the computer self-powered on

How to fix the computer self-powered on. Show you how to fix a computer that automatically turns on, the laptop automatically restarts when in Sleep mode or Hibernate mode (hibernation) and even has shutdown.

How to fix the computer self-powered on
How to fix the computer self-powered on

The Cause of Computer Error Turning On automatically

There are many causes of computer error automatically working again, laptop automatically turning on when plugged in, some of the main reasons may be due to:

– Scheduled updates: Try checking the Media Center to see if any updates are scheduled.

+ Open Media Center, then click Tasks => General => Automatic Download Options.

+ Uncheck the Automatically download Windows Media Center data between the following times.

+ Finally, click Save.

– Computer wake-up settings: Try checking Device Manager to see if any wake-up settings are enabled.

+ Access Device Manager, then click Network adapter.

+ Right-click and or double-click your network device.

+ Select Properties => Power Management tab.

+ Uncheck the Allow this device to wake the computer option.

+ Click OK.

– Power button: if your computer has been used for a long time, is too old, the Power button may be damaged or stuck and cause a computer error to automatically resume.

– Voltage spike: check if the power supply is faulty, or try plugging the power into another drive to see if the computer is automatically powered on.

– Virus: the last cause of a computer self-powered error is that your computer is infected with viruses, use anti-virus software to solve this problem.


Here are some ways to fix a computer that suddenly “wakes up”, turns on the power, and boots up after putting into Sleep mode.

Method 1: Turn off Automatic Updates Or Change Updating Time

On Microsoft Windows operating systems there are tasks scheduled to run automatically. Try checking to see if any tasks are automatically scheduled on your computer, by visiting:

Start => All Programs => Accessories => System Tools => Scheduled Tasks.

If you set the time to check for updates in the early morning, it is best to change the update time or turn off the automatic updates to fix the computer to automatically power on and start up.

Method 2: Access the BIOS

To access the BIOS is very simple, just restart the computer and during boot, press the Delete key repeatedly until accessing the BIOS Utility Screen.

After accessing the BIOS, you access Power Options.

Scroll down to find and change the Wake On LAN / Wake On Ring setting to disable.

Press the F10 key and select YES to save the changes and exit the settings window.

Finally restart the computer and check if the computer error automatically power on, restart or not.

Also when in the BIOS, you access Power Management, find and change the Wake Up on Alarm or Auto Time On options to Disable.

Method 3: Fix Computer Shutdown Problem

There are many causes of errors, shutdowns of Windows computers, possibly due to incompatible hardware factors, program conflicts or faulty, corrupted drivers. This results in a shutdown, the system will automatically power on, reboot. Any problems affecting the operating system during shutdown are required to restart.

To fix this error, the solution is disabled, turn off the Restart On System Failure feature.

Right-click My Computer (This PC), select Properties and click the Advanced tab.

Under Startup & Recovery, click Settings and under System Failure, uncheck Automatically restart and you’re done.

Computer Take A Long Time To Turn Off

If your computer takes a long time to turn off, on the Windows message display is shutting down, the cause may be due to:

– There are many applications running in the background that you must turn off these applications before proceeding to turn off the computer.

– Could be due to a virus or malware. The solution is to try running anti-virus software and scan your system for testing.

– Memory or little free space, restricting activities. The solution is to try deleting old files, temporary web browsing files, or using the defrag option to fix the full capacity of the computer.

– The last cause may be due to computer crashes.

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