Fixed error: NVIDIA installer cannot continue

Fixed error: NVIDIA installer cannot continue. This error caused buy 2 main error is:
1- Your hardware is error
2- Graphics Card is Detected Incorrectly
The first: Do I have to add KAPs INF MOD to the new line made for the video card?Also what do you mean in number 14. when you say ‘add a line under the appropriate section’?And when you say manually run setup.exe, what do you mean? Just run setup.exe, and not the download?
Method 1: Update your window to up to date. 

Method 2:
1. Go to the Nvidia website (You know where I mean, I guarantee you were there before you wound up here) and download the driver you want.
2. Open the folder where it was downloaded, make sure you have folder options enabled to view file extensions (google it if you need to), and change the file to a ‘.zip’.
3. Extract the .zip file to wherever you like, but the closer to root directory the better, you’ll be manually browsing to it later.
4. Verify you have a folder with all of the extracted files before bothering to proceed.
5. Open Device Manager, and open the dropdown for Display Adapter.
6. Right click your current adapter and select properties.
7. Select the driver tab.
8. Click Update Driver.
9. Click Browse My Computer.
10. Be sure the checkbox to include subfolders is checked.
11. Click Browse and navigate to and select the extracted driver folder you verified in step 4.
12. Hopefully breath a sigh of relief that you now have an updated version of your Nvidia driver without having to modify that .inf file.

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