How to fixed: error 0xc000000f

How to fixed: error 0xc000000f. 0xc000000f error when installing window by dvd,used other dvd also not ok. Error 0xc000000f is one of the causes of the blue screen of death. Although this error rarely appears, your computer may still be stuck. Error 0xc000000f occurs due to Windows boot manager. This means that the computer will often encounter this error when booting. This error makes the boot file unable to connect to the operating system. This will result in a blue screen with an error code message.

How to fixed: error 0xc000000f
How to fixed: error 0xc000000f


The cause of the blue screen error error code 0xc000000f
How to fix blue screen error 0xc000000f on Windows
Disable the peripherals
Start the computer using the bootrec.exe utility
Use the automatic error correction utility

Method 1:

(i) first enter bios by pressing delete key on keyboard(you have to do this as soon as your pc boots during motherboard logo appears)
(ii) then go to boot by using keyboard’s arrow key
(iii)after entering boot move down to hard drive bbs priorities
(iv)next you should change boot option 1 to other hard drive options as that hdd could not boot.
(v)after save and exit.


Method 2: Make sure no additional equipment is plugged in

Before booting your computer, it’s best to try rebooting with the least number of external devices and drives plugged into your computer. This will ensure that no device has been added to the computer recently. It is best to unplug any device such as: USB, CD, DVD …. This includes a memory card reader. Please make sure all external drives and USB are disconnected, then try again.

Method 3: Use Startup Repair to fix BOOTMGR

On Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, Startup Repair can be used to scan the system and find corrupted or missing system files to replace the BCD file if it is corrupted or missing.
Startup Repair is an automated repair and repair tool available from the Windows setup disc and can be used to find and fix some common problems.

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