Fix laptop is slow when using the battery

Fix laptop is slow when using the battery. Welcome today I will guide you how to fix a laptop slowdown when using the battery. The situation when the laptop plugged in the adapter is running normally but the battery is loading slowly, lagging. You should not fret or worry at all and do not think due to the battery or other parts of the computer have problems.

Fix laptop is slow when using the battery
Fix laptop is slow when using the battery

Fix Laptop is slow when using the battery

After reading this article, you will understand more clearly, in the Windows operating system, there are 3 battery usage modes for laptops: Power saver, Balanced, High Performance corresponding to 3 purposes of use. : maximum battery saving, battery / speed balance and maximum speed.

1. Power saver mode

Power saver mode: the system will reduce the speed of the whole system to a low level, then your computer will slow down by about 50%, in return for the battery life will be kept as long as possible. According to estimates, the power saver mode will help your computer run longer from 1 hour or more than balanced mode. You can surf the web well with this mode with most machines today.

2. Balanced mode

With balanced mode, the system will reduce the speed by about 25-30% and you get a slightly more battery-saving working environment. This is the recommended mode when you work with word, excel, or watch movies online.

3. Performance mode

High Performance mode, the system will run at full capacity, and the speed will be fastest, but will also consume the most battery.

Fix Laptop is slow when using the battery

To adjust these settings, you need to go to Power Option by right-clicking the battery icon at the bottom of the screen, select Power Option or use the Control panel path – hardware and sound – power option, you can also use the window combination + X to open window mobility center – select the battery cell and then set the mode.

You can also adjust the parameters for each mode again: Control panel – hardware and sound – power option – select edit plan setting – change advanced power setttings – adjust accordingly.

Normally the default mode of the window is to set you up for balance mode, but maybe for some reason you accidentally activate Power Save mode, your computer will be significantly slower when using the battery. So you should check your computer’s battery usage mode first.

Good luck!

how to make laptop run faster on battery,

I would suggest you to increase this virtual memory and check if it helps.

 Windows automatically manages virtual memory and paging file size by default. The virtual memory set by default is approximately 70% of the recommendation.

  Let’s try to change the virtual memory. Make it equivalent to your RAM size for the initial size and twice of the initial size in maximum size and make sure you have the same amount of free space in your hard drive in each drive.

a.     Press windows + R key from the keyboard.

b.     Select the option Control Panel and All control panel items then System.

c.     Click on Advanced system settings.

d.     Under performance, click on settings.

e.     Go to Advanced tab, Under Virtual memory, click on Change.

f.      UN-check “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” check box.

g.     Select your windows drive (where OS is installed).

h.     Click on Custom size radio button.

i.      Set Initial size equivalent to your RAM size in MB.

j.      Set Maximum size to twice of your RAM size in MB.

k.     Click on Set.

l.      Click on OK thrice.

m.   Restart your system.


Keep us post the status of the issue.

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