Fix Facetime call error on newer iPads and iPhones with iOS 13.4

Fix Facetime call error on newer iPads and iPhones with iOS 13.4. In recent days, many users of new generation iPhones and iPads with 13.4 operating system have encountered errors when making FaceTime calls.

This problem makes users uncomfortable because this is one of the essential online communication services between Apple device users in the context of the world is actively implementing measures to spread social distance to prevent and control the epidemic. Covid-19 spread.

The above error is reported to occur when devices with iOS 13.4 (the latest major update) call for some devices with older iOS versions (especially 9.3.6), or Mac computers running the operating system. from macOS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) and earlier. Many of these machines are also unable to upgrade to the new iOS due to hardware limitations. This fact makes many users of older iPhone and iPad models unable to contact with friends and relatives.

To fix the problem, early on April 8, Apple released the iOS 13.4.1 update. Although the FaceTime bug also appears with macOS 10.15.4, Apple has not yet released the necessary patch for this operating system.

In addition to errors related to FaceTime, iOS 13.4.1 also resolves the Settings error, when users cannot open the Bluetooth option from the quick settings menu on the Home screen.

For those who use 12.9-inch iPad Pro (fourth generation) and 11-inch iPad Pro (second generation), the update also addresses the flash error that does not turn on when clicking the corresponding icon in the Center. Control (Control Center) or external lock screen (Lock Screen).

Currently, iOS 13.4.1 and iPad OS 13.4.1 are now available through the Settings tool on compatible iPhones and iPads.

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