Fix computer error does not receive iPhone cable fastest

Fix computer error does not receive iPhone cable fastest. There are actually many reasons why a computer will not recognize an iPhone. To solve the problem above is not difficult at all. To thoroughly solve the problem, you need to find the exact cause. Usually you just need to turn around errors related to computers, iPhones and cords. Sometimes due to the user’s inadvertence, the device also fails without you even knowing it.
Fix computer error does not receive iPhone cable fastest
Fix computer error does not receive iPhone cable fastest

Instructions to fix the computer error does not receive the fastest iPhone cable

Below we summarize the fastest and simplest troubleshooting methods for customers to refer. If you follow the instructions and the computer error does not solve the iPhone cable does not solve, please contact us for assistance.

You need to restart iPhone

When you encounter problems, the first and easiest way is to restart your phone. You know not a lot of people who don’t know whether or not they know or do it unconsciously have chosen to use this solution.

Reboot the computer itself

If the above method does not work well, you also need to restart your computer. The problem that we have not found the cause, this is said to be the safest and simplest way to handle. If the two devices are still not connected, please read on to find other options.


You have chosen to “trust iPhone and computer connection”

Until now surely there are still many iPhone users are not aware of what this feature is? It may be because you are not familiar with technology items or choose the interface in English.
With this iPhone’s security feature, you have the right to decide whether your phone is connected to the computer or not when the cable is plugged in. To verify that you have selected “trust” you need to restart your computer and reconnect to your computer, then click Trust.

Certainly the connecting cable is still usable

If your cable is broken or broken, it will cause a computer error not accepting the iPhone cable. Use a different cable to check, if the computer is connected to the iPhone, replace the old cable.

Restart Apple Mobile Device Support on the computer

Computers that want to connect to Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch need Apple Mobile Device Support installed. This driver will be installed with iTunes.
Please check if Apple Mobile Device Support is faulty by rebooting according to the 2 steps below.
Step 1: On the computer screen, right-click the Taskbar and then select Task Manager.
Step 2: In the Task Manager section, find Services. Then select the line named Apple Mobile Device Support. In this section, right-click Restart to restart the process.
If you have done all of the above, your computer still doesn’t recognize the iPhone cable. Now you need the assistance of more qualified phone repairmen.

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