16gb ram only showing 8gb or 12gb usable

16gb ram only showing 8gb or 12gb usable. If you upgraded your computer, bought extra ram from 8 to 16, upon installing them you found to your surprise windows has recognized there is 16gb installed, however there’s only 12gb “usable” . this article will help you fixed it!

Method 1
Please check What mobo, CPU and model #s of the DRAM? Also what slots are each stick in? Can try raising the DRAM voltage and MC (memory controller) voltage each about + 0.06 or, can provide better numbers w/ the CPU, mobo and DRAM models
Please booting into bios to confirm the original dram was the same model,  figured it out, it wasn’t the dram voltage itself, but the dram clock, it was set the default, so I bumped it up to 1600 mhz (because sometime that’s the advertised frequency for the modules) saved and booted back into windows and it will worked! 16gb fully usable.

Method 2

Turn cpu-z to see all 3 bars ram getting enough yet?
1-1 bar 4gb not recognized. As the # 2 talk
2 – Curved legs cpu socket. As # 3 said.
3 – Ram is share for VGA. (Some types of VGA, but can still use extra ram system offline)
4-1 other cases previously heard that the main long-term life before receiving a maximum of 4 sides of the ram chip, equivalent to 2 bar 2-sided ram ram chips or 4 bars 1 chip surface. Sometimes the main type of cutting board is also getting 4 the chip and the chip it is using 2 of the 4 gb and 2 side bars of the bar chip 8gb

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