Looking back and trying to use iPhone 7 in 2021 will be like?

Looking back and trying to use iPhone 7 in 2021 will be like? Hello guys, today I want to share with you the feeling when going from a high-end machine (2019) to a lower one (2016), what will it be like? Whether to meet the needs of use or not!

Looking back and trying to use iPhone 7 in 2021 will be like?
Looking back and trying to use iPhone 7 in 2021 will be like?

The two machines I say here are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 11, both of Apple’s flagships in 2016 and 2019. Because I wanted to change the wind a bit, I went to the Good Market to buy. To confess to you, now, from the iPhone 8 series, it is quite difficult to find a zin machine, but I still have a good market to find a zin device, only a horrible badly scratched shell and a remote battery. I have “cleaned” this device and I have a beautiful device like new, replace the high capacity battery to use.

Many brothers will wonder why would I buy an iPhone 7 instead of an iPhone 8? Simply put, the iPhone 7 is cheaper than the iPhone 8 and I like the seamless aluminum monolithic design and the feel of the case.

I’ve been using this iPhone 7 for about a month as a secondary device, along with Pixel 4a.


Design: The device has a luxurious design of 2016, Apple has linked the seamless one-block design from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, I really like this design. The machine has a compact size, extremely comfortable with one hand. The device is light but holds hands, does not feel easy to fall.

Camera: The machine has only one camera, so it can be said that in 2021, the camera on the iPhone is only called to meet a very basic way of taking pictures. Pictures can be seen to be eye-catching. I often use this phone to take documents or take a snapshot of something to store, then this device completely meets my needs. Front camera is ok, acceptable, true color.

Battery: The original battery of the device has a capacity of 1970 maH, this must be a very small capacity, if not bad of 2021, plus the old customer’s machine is 63% bottle. If I try to use it, it takes 2 hours to charge. However, as I said I “cleaned” this device, replaced a high capacity 2300maH battery, the usage time has changed significantly, the machine can completely last for 4 hours. If I use it continuously (surfing facebook, watch youtube, chat), and stay for about 6 hours if I use hybrid rai, less turn on the phone. Overall this is not a good time of 2021, but the 2016 machine is fine, bro. Oh forget, the charging time of this device is also quite fast, from 0% to 100%, it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge the 2300mAh battery. I use Hyperjuice charger, just plug it there, it seems that Apple iPhone 7 can charge up to 12W.


The device only has 4.7 ”screen, too compact, easy to use one hand, besides the full screen, no cover, rabbit ears or water drops, you can comfortably watch movies, youtube fully. . The iPhone 7 screen is still bright when used outdoors.

Daily use:

I bought this device with the main need to install my business sim to take advantage of the iMes feature of iOS, besides it is compact, easy to pocket, surf the facebook, watch youtube. I am very lazy to play the game so this machine has completely satisfied me. Besides, my machine has 256GB capacity, so I can also make a portable photo storage hard drive.

The device is running iOS 14.4, and the smoothness is still guaranteed for the basic machine, but sometimes it is still a bit indifferent at some effects of opening the app, closing the app, and passing the test.

The device has a fingerprint sensor, quite convenient during the covid season. However, because it is 2016, her fingerprint is not as sensitive as the other children, I have made the correction, the fingerprint has improved and is more sensitive.


In general, this is a p / p machine for you to need a compact, smooth enough machine, good camera, high-end design and cheap price. What do you think?

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