Fix problem for my freezing taskbar -Windows 10 20H2 Start menu not working

Fix problem for my freezing taskbar -Windows 10 20H2 Start menu not working . Today i’ve an issue on my Windows 10 & i solve the problem for my freezing taskbar ! I wanted to disable the weather due it uses performance. I did this video at August 11 2021


What you need to do to fix this issue?

You can do it in any way if you can open your task manager! Due you need to do “End Task” for *Windows Explorer*. Your Desktop is gone but don’t worry! Then you need to go on your tab, files and then Run New Task to appear the box you want to execute. Write “Explorer.exe” + Check [Create this task with administrative privileges]. Then your desktop appears with success and your taskbar responds you when you press one of your icon.

For some reason, the recent windows 10 version 21H1 makes the volume, battery on a laptop btw, sound settings, calendar, and other icons that only have a drop down menu unresponsive when clicked on. Now I’m not sure if it’s the update, or the computer itself, but I haven’t had this issue since I got the laptop. Also, side issue. You know how when you press the windows key and the start menu drops down and you can instantly use winodws search? well that’s an issue too.



If so, I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the search bar on the taskbar.
  • Type system icons.
  • Under Turn System Icons ON or OFF, turn On the Clock and check with the issue.

Hope it helps.

To execute the app, task manager ?

You can use the shortcut by pressing : [Ctrl + Alt + Del] to open your task manager OR you use [Windows + R] to open your Execute… then write [Taskmgr] to open your task manager OR you can only press on Windows, Right click the icon and then task manager (Only if your taskbar works but won’t work if it freezes.)

I want to disable my weather on my taskbar? How i do that?
It’s very easy. Once you fix your taskbar, you can press “Right click”. Go to “News and interests” and then “Turn Off”. That’s it. You can turn it On by pressing the same way and “Show icon or/and text”.

My timestamps :

0:00 Let’s use the shortcut to open Task manager
0:38 Find the Windows explorer (explorer.exe)
0:58 End task for Windows explorer (Blackscreen)
1:05 Let’s create a new task for explorer.exe with administrative privileges
1:27 Disable the weather from Taskbar
1:39 End of my video

I used my Dell Optiplex 9020 – Modified ver. to do my video and finally post it via Youtube. I’m using my phone called LG Velvet 5G – CA for recording outside and in my home like unboxing due the quality is totally great. Used when i gonna record my own music production as a composer. I use my Oculus Quest 1 for recording via my screen.


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