Fix error: not set default machine in “set default machine in – Error 0x000000709

Instructions to fix the error of not setting the printer default “set default printer – Error 0x000000709. You have installed the printer driver but cannot set it as the system default printer (Set Default). However, when you issue a print command in Excel, the printer will not be found, or similar in other software such as Acrobat reader or Outlook, … when you issue a print command, you don’t see the installed printer. anywhere and accompanied by the error message  “Operation could not be completed (error 0x000000709) ….” As shown below.

The above cause is related to the old printer you have set by default. This printer name is already recorded in the Registry in the system and you cannot change it if you create a new default printer. Therefore you have to change this manually in the Registry . Click Start , type “regedit” , right-click regedit when it appears in the Programs section, select Run as administrator.

You find the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Window

You may get the error message “Error Editing Value” so this keyword cannot be changed.

All you need to do is set the “Permission” permission to this keyword. Right-click the Windows keyword, select “Permissions”, tick “Allow” -> Apply, click OK.

However, if you still cannot do this step. You can delete this key completely by right-clicking on the key and selecting delete

Select Yes to confirm

Go back to the Control panel > Device and Printer window: Right-click the printer icon that you want to set as default and select “Set as default printer”. If it doesn’t work, delete this printer ngắt, disconnect the printer and the computer. Then  restart the computer. After booting is complete, connect the printer to the printer again  . Do the installation process again or the device will automatically recognize the driver.


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