Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error

I am using Office 2016 Pro Plus 64 bit. Before drop down to the Office 2016 on Microsoft (it integrates both 32 + 64 bit) it does not matter, but when I downloaded only the ISO file with only 64 bit version, this error: Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error.

Something wrong with this problem, when click Save file again, it warns on it, just Ctrl + S again is dc. But feel pretty uncomfortable with it. That error is only in each Word, Excel is not.
Uncle know how to Fix only with. Tks the doctors.

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Method 1

The first, it is installed on 32bit version of the default, uninstall is not recommended, then reinstall fails. Use a utility such as Total Uninstall, … and then reinstall or fix as above. Optionally change the default save format to .doc (Word 2003).

Method 2

You may turn off Always create backup copy option by doing the following:
Click File, and point to Options.
Click Advance tab.
Scroll down the option, under Save, Click to clear the Always Create Backup Copy option.
Check the Directory and File Names, do not use spaces in the directory or document names.



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