Top 5 “check-in” places in Hanoi on Christmas

Top 5 “check-in” places in Hanoi on Christmas

As we are preparing for the spectacular Christmas 2020, several famous “check-in” locations in Hanoi are also in the process of preparing for everyone to come take photos. And let’s take a look at Top 5 famous “check in” places in Hanoi that we can come and speand some time on Christmas

“Check-in” Hanoi Cathedral

Location "check-in" Hanoi Cathedral

Every year, the church will be the first “check-in” place that people think of. This is getting more crowded every Christmas season. Not only local people, but also the large presence of domestic and foreign tourists also come to “check in” here.

At this time, the church will wear a colorful outfit and the stream of people rushing in and out incessantly in every corner of the cathedral.

 “Check-in” on Hang Ma Street

check-in location at the code street

Hang Ma Street is the place where you can feel the holiday atmosphere. About a week before Christmas, Hang Ma Street becomes very lively and people came here to walk a lot.

“Check-in” Ham Long church

check-in location at Ham Long church

On Ham Long Street and Ngo Thi Nham Street, Ham Long Church welcomes a large number of people from everywhere to  “check in”.

You not only can admire the beautiful scenery, enjoy yourself in the Christmas atmosphere with your loved one, but also can take a lot of photos. 

“Check-in” Ho Tay park

Location "check-in" of Ho Tay park

 The park these days looks different than usual. Unlike its inherent beauty, all are decorated with the Noel concept so that young people can come and check-in here.

The image of a pine tree with a fanciful golden light, Santa Claus carrying a large gift bag to give to little children or some places with artificial snow effects to bring a real feeling best for every guest when coming here. 

“Check-in” Nhat Tan bridge

 The place of "check-in" at Nhat Tan bridge

After exploring all of the locations above, a pretty reasonable option on the way home is to go to Nhat Tan bridge. You can walk on the bridge sparkling in the rainbow-colored lights. If you come here with a lot of friends at midnight to take pictures, it’s great. 

Christmas 2020 is coming, what do you think of 5 must-try “check-in” places in Hanoi?

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