Cat Ba travel experoence 2020 most fully

Cat Ba travel experoence 2020 most fully. If you’ve been to Ha Long a few times, don’t miss the beautiful Cat Ba. Located not far from Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island still retains its pristine beauty of clear beaches, green national forests and attractive recreational activities on the island. This summer, don’t forget to  visit Cat Ba !

Cat Ba travel experoence 2020 most fully
Cat Ba travel experoence 2020 most fully

1. What is the best time to go to Cat Ba?

Cat Ba can be said at any time of the year. If you do not swim, you can come here to explore Cat Ba National Park with thousands of kinds of rich flora and fauna. However, going to the island to explore is still the most beautiful summer. May 6, 6, 8 in Cat Ba is the peak season, very crowded. For Vietnamese visitors, they usually go from April to October, and from November to March next year, they are mostly international tourists, so they are quite empty.

Because of being close to Hanoi and Ha Long, tourists often choose to go on weekends. Cat Ba’s weekend service prices in peak seasons often increase by 2-3 times. Sometimes you can’t even book a room because it’s full service early. You should book early service or arrange a schedule to go on the midweek, the price will be less stressful. Time in Cat Ba you should also spend from 2 days 1 night to discover all the interesting places here. If combined with Ha Long, the vacation will be very interesting and reasonable.

2. How to Cat Ba?

Hai Phong to Cat Ba

Currently, the longest sea bridge in Vietnam connecting Cat Hai and Hai Phong city has been put into use to help shorten the travel to Cat Ba and become a symbol for this dynamic young city. Moreover, the cable car crossing the sea to Cat Ba will further shorten the time to Cat Ba Island and bring a great experience for visitors.

Bridge over the sea Tan Vu – Lach Huyen

This is the longest cross-sea bridge in Vietnam that helps connect Hai Phong city to Cat Hai island, the total length of up to 15.63km. Instead of having to catch a bus to Hai Phong and buy a train ticket from Dinh Vu pier to Ninh Tiep station, move to Pha Got station and catch the train to Cat Ba island, now it’s much easier.

Cat Hai – Phu Long cable car

The 21km cable car route is connected from Cat Hai to Cat Ba with 5 main stations: Cat Hai Island / Phu Long Station / Cat Ba National Park / Cat Ba Station / Cat Ba Center. The cable car is expected to open to serve tourists visiting Cat Ba in May 2020 with a fare of 50,000 VND for the Cat Hai – Phu Long route and 300,000 VND for the whole route.

The rapid development of inter-island transportation in Cat Ba will make travel time to Cat Ba extremely short and save time. We would like to recommend the two most basic ways you can get to Cat Ba if the cable car route is inaugurated as follows:

Option 1: Hanoi -> Hai Phong City -> Overpass Bridge -> Ferries Ben -> Ben Cai Vieng -> Cat Ba.

Option 2: Hanoi -> Hai Phong City -> Overpass Bridge -> Cat Hai Island Cable Car Station -> Cat Ba Center.

Ha Long to Cat Ba

If you are in Ha Long having fun and intend to visit Cat Ba, it’s easy. You can take a speedboat from Tuan Chau to Gia Luan wharf in a very short time, only over 10 minutes but quite expensive for the price of renting a canoe. Or you choose to take the ferry, it takes more time than about 50 minutes but the ferry ticket price is cheaper, only 80,000 VND / person but also enjoy the wide sea scenery, high sky very excited.

3. Where to Cat Ba holiday?

Traveling, sleeping, eating and drinking are the first worries when you travel anywhere. Above you have quite a bit of information about the means to Cat Ba, so the following about accommodation, accommodation is equally important for your trip.

It can be said that Cat Ba is an island that still retains many pristine, intact beauty. Therefore, the accommodation here is quite few with not many options. However, this is the attractive difference of Cat Ba, not too crowded, noisy and bustling enough. If you like the beach, you should stay at the resort right next to the beach, if you choose the hotel, you have to walk or take the tram to get to the beach. Depending on your interests and financial conditions, you can choose an ideal vacation location for the holiday.

Some reference information about the resort in Cat Ba

Catba Island resort

Catba Island resort is considered a luxury resort, 4-star class with a beautiful location by the sea, making it easy for you to go to the beach and watch the sea right from your room. The resort is equipped with modern and comfortable facilities with a swimming pool, restaurant, private beach area and organize group games.

Address: Cat Co 1, Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai District, Bien Cat Ba Town, Cat Ba Islands

Cat Ba Sunrise resort

Located on Cat Co beach, from the resort you can zoom into the vast sea. A 4-star resort, villa architecture with a sense of Asian close and no less modern will be the perfect choice for your vacation.

Address: Cat Co 3, Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai District, Bien Cat Ba Town, Cat Ba Islands

Monkey Island resort

Monkey Island Resort is a resort located quite far from the center compared to the two resorts introduced above. However, it is located on Monkey Island so if you like quiet space, this is a place to consider. This resort has 3 stars standard so it will make you satisfied with the comfort and modernity that this place offers.

Address: Beach 2, Cat Pin Island, Cat Ba, Hai Phong, Monkey Island, Cat Ba Islands

Some information about the hotel in Cat Ba

Hung Long Harbor Hotel

Hung Long Harbor is a 3-star hotel with sea view. It takes just over 10 minutes to walk from the hotel to the beach, the location is also convenient and the rooms are modern and comfortable.

Address: 268, Đường 1/4, Cat Ba Town Beach, Cat Ba Islands

Sea Pearl Hotel

As a 3-star hotel, Sea Pearl is a good choice with a convenient location, close to the sea as well as the port. The hotel with modern and convenient design and many convenient services such as Asian and European restaurant, elegant garden on the 13th floor, conference rooms, formal and polite conferences are suitable for all trips requiring working side.

Address: 219/4 Street, Cat Ba Town Beach, Cat Ba Islands

Chu Long Hotel

The new hotel was put into operation in 2015, rooms and facilities are very new and fully equipped. 2-star hotel and room rates are also quite good if you want to save some money.

Address: 1/4 Street, Cát Bà Town, Cát Bà Archipelago

Tip: If you plan to go on New Year holidays like April 30, May 1, make sure to book early to get a comfortable room because the number of guests is overloaded, many hotels will be out of room, all beautiful views. Please!

4. What is the famous place in Cat Ba?

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay with a very beautiful name, the scenery here even more on the hearts of people. Lan Ha Bay is located in the northeast of Cat Ba Island, adjacent to Ha Long Bay. Lan Ha Bay is covered with the blue color of more than 400 islands. Just few people know about Lan Ha, so this place is quiet, wild and attractive.

Want to visit Lan Ha bay, to Beo port, more than 1km from Cat Ba town center, you can rent a boat, or sit by motorboat or canoe. It only takes about 15 minutes or more to get to the bay. You visit the whole bay and take a rest at the famous beaches such as Van Boi, Van Ha, Tung Gau, or visit the old fishing village like Van Gia, Cai Beo as you like. Admission to Lan Ha Bay: 20,000 VND / person, boat hire to Lan Ha Bay is about 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 VND / ship.

Tip: Renting a private boat is quite expensive, so if you go individually, you can ask the group price to save more.

Beaches in Cat Ba

As an archipelago located offshore, four sides are the sea, so you can enjoy playing and swimming here. In Cat Ba, the most famous is the following beaches: Cat Co 1 beach, Cat Co 2 beach, Cat Co 3. The most favorite tourist, the choice of swimming is still Cat Co beach 1. Beaches Not too far from the center of town, only about 1km. If you stay in the central hotel, you can rent a tram to take you to the beach, very convenient, only about 10k / person.

Cat Co 1 Beach : With an airy space, wonderful blue water, it looks cool. The white sand stretches, singing silky smooth sand makes your steps gently refreshing. Above the resort beach, the restaurant, the swimming pool, the railing, … are very beautiful and romantic, so many Vietnamese tourists choose, making this place always immersed in the bustling atmosphere. beat, lively.

Cat Co 2 Beach: A white sandy beach with blue water, making you dispel the summer heat. Along the sand slope are beautiful little chairs covered by coconut leaves and lush green trees, making the space both cool and romantic.

Cat Co 3 Beach: A beach with beautiful scenery, quiet and peaceful space, surrounded by green mountains reaching out to the sea. The clear blue sea bounces lightly on the shore.

Tung Thu Beach : Despite being exploited since 2010, Tung Thu beach does not seem to be really interested by visitors. With ample space, this is the only beach with an outdoor stage in Cat Ba.

Tip: all 3 beaches of Cat Co 1, 2 and 3 are connected by a small wooden bridge along the ridge, you can take photos, sightseeing, great.

Cat Ba Monkey Island

Many people still call it Cat Pin Island because in the past, there were many wild pineapple plants. Later, when the island rangers brought a few small monkeys to breed here, they gradually developed into a clever group of smart monkeys that were quite bold with people from then on. patrons call this island monkey island.

Monkey Island in Cat Ba has a circumference of only about 3km, the structure of the mountain rises in the middle of the bay, green trees throughout the island, adorning the rustic stilt houses. On the monkey island, there are also 2 pretty beaches, arc-shaped, smooth white sand that embraces the clear water, which is Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2 beaches. Note the ticket to the monkey island: VND 10,000 / person.

Cat Ba National Park

As the saying “going to the forest into the sea” has just sunbathed, you can immediately come to the majestic jungle, high biological characteristics. Cat Ba National Park has been recognized as the core of the World Biosphere Reserve with common forest types including evergreen tropical rain forest, tropical rainforest on limestone island, mangrove forests on the island, and coral reefs. …

To discover the pristine and majestic beauty of Cat Ba National Park, you can choose from hiking activities, primate observing, watching animals at night, butterfly and wind farms lan.

Fortress cannon

Fortress Gongs is one of the attractions in Cat Ba, also known as Peak 177 or Cat Ba Ancient Fort. From here you can see the whole beautiful Cat Ba archipelago, especially at sunset, the whole space is filled with romantic burgundy, the eyes of the eye is the mountain shadow in the shape of the sparkling sea. silver. There is also a cafe, telescope (long-range binoculars) for travelers ideal.

The fortress fortress is 2 km from the center of town, very easy to find and ask most people. Admission to Shen Gong Fortress: VND 40,000 / adult, VND 20,000 / child.

Caves in Cat Ba

Not only in Ha Long, there are many large and small caves on Cat Ba island. Journey to discover Cat Ba National Park will continue to visit the beautiful and interesting caves here such as Hoa Cuong cave, Trung Trang cave, Quan Y cave,

Caves of Diamonds

Hoa Cuong Cave is also called Marble Cave, with many beautiful sparkling stalactites, and has the appearance of statues of people, animals … tinted with myth.

Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang cave has a length of about 300m passing through the mountain, the arch of the cave expanded, and at the same time can hundreds of visitors. Inside the cave is the magnificent beauty of countless stalactites with intact sharpness and iridescent crystal.

Quan Y Cave

Quan Y Cave with colorful and colorful stalactites was once a historical hospital in the war period. In the cave there are closed works, to serve the treatment of wounded soldiers and become a shelter for the local people.

5. What fun to play in Cat Ba

Go to the beach

On the island facing the sea, what is your favorite activity? Of course it’s bathing. If the hotel is too far from the beach you can rent a motorbike taxi or motorbike. It is best to just go sightseeing sightseeing at no additional cost, of course the distance should not be too far. As introduced, the beaches of Cat Co I, Cat Co II and Cat Co III are beautiful and discreet, the water is also very clear. However, note that even in the summer, it is not advisable to swim in the sea after 6:30 pm because this is the time when the tide is very fast and dangerous.

Scuba diving to watch the coral

If you have not had the opportunity to visit Phu Quoc or Nha Trang to dive to see the coral, come to Cat Ba to experience this interesting activity. Under the ocean is a cluster of reefs, red corals and all kinds of colorful fish and shrimp hovering beside you. If you’ve never tried it, you should go with a trainer to be safe, the cost for 30 minutes scuba diving using a snorkel ranges from 1 million or more.

Climb the mountain

With a special terrain, both painted and broken. If you’re tired of swimming, try changing your feeling with climbing. Very popular hiking places are: the island of calf, Ba Trai Dao, the cliffs at the docks, … In Cat Ba National Park also organizes climbing activities to visit thematic zoo. Note to you about the physical strength and equipment when climbing must be fully prepared as well as the courageous spirit to overcome challenges.

Walking the night watching the sea

There is cool blowing hair flying along the long skirt gracefully. The choice to go for a walk at the sea view is always very popular. Hire a bike to ride along the windy sea, breathe fresh air and dispel all the tiredness of life. The ideal way for you to walk is probably the mountain road connecting 3 beaches. Come and try it once!

6. What to eat in Cat Ba?


One of the most valuable and rare seafood species and the favorite flavor when coming to Cat Ba is the comedy. Some people also call it the cricket, elephant snail, very nutritious. Rhizome is processed into many dishes such as grilled, salad, porridge, especially steamed tu comedy is very crispy, chewy and fragrant. The comedy is only available in Cat Ba, you will be impressed by the taste. Small and large tufts of different prices, in restaurants often fall in 50-70k a child. If you come to Cat Ba then don’t forget to try this once.

Sam Cat Ba

Sam has a hard shell like a crab, his body is round and flat, the diameter of his hands is processed into many delicious dishes such as soups, salads, stir-fried lemongrass chili, porridge, vermicelli, … The best is still baked with sour grapefruit. , pickled radish, basil, peanuts, spring onions, chili garlic fish sauce. Sam eggs are also very fat, delicious and high in protein.

Cat Ba

Just like in other coastal areas, squid can be processed into many diverse dishes such as boiled, steamed, dipped, vinegar, sauteed, deep fried. Squid in Cat Ba is very fresh, or dried to tear the chili sauce or make delicious squid rolls.

Specialty Cat Ba shrimp noodles

Bun Ba in Cat Ba is a specialty that if you come here you should definitely eat. Shrimp caught from far offshore still retain the freshness but light meat color. Vermicelli noodles are made with its own secrets nowhere else can be found, both delicious and chewy fish ball of shrimp, fragrant slices of guise leaves and sweet broth to the heart of customers once tried.

Note : During the peak summer or weekends, tourists come here very crowded, so to ensure a complete vacation without any problems, visitors should book rooms early to avoid room fires, moving leaving the island early by speedboat because taking the ferry is very time consuming.

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