Collection of 8 best movies of Aamir Khan.

Collection of 8 best movies of Aamir Khan.nAamir Khan: is an Indian actor , director , filmmaker and TV talk show hostwho has a total net worth  of more than $150 million (in 2020). Movies Khan has acted in : Yaadon Ki Baaraat, Madhosh, Paranoia, Holi, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Raakh, Love Love Love,….For many years he was regularly listed as one of the  500 most influential Muslims in the world. In and out of the film industry, Khan is an activist and humanitarian who has participated and spoken out for many social causes. His work as a social reformer, addresses issues topics ranging from poverty and education to abuse and discrimination, has helped him appear in Time’s 100most influential people in the worldlist..

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s Acting Career

1984-1989: Debut and career challenge

1990–2001: Success in career and acting

2005-2007: Return to acting and directorial debut

2008 – present: Rise and global success

Aamir Khan and wife

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and producer Kiran Rao announced their separation on Saturday. The couple, who has been married for 15 years, share a son Azad Rao Khan together. The couple, who issued a joint statement on Saturday making the announcement, revealed that they will continue to be co-parents for their son Azad.

And ever since the couple has made the announcement that has come as a shock to their fans and the film industry, reactions from various celebrities have been pouring in. 

Meanwhile, days after Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their separation, the superstar’s nephew Imran Khan’s estranged wife Avantika Malik shared a cryptic post on social media on Monday. 

Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan (54 years old this year) is one of the first Indian actors to “internationalize” his works but still retain his own identity to attract the domestic market. Your films often satirize, criticize and condemn many painful issues in society. This list I created to introduce you to 8 of his most interesting movies from 2001 to now that I have seen. Sort in descending order. Note, this list I ranked and graded according to my personal feelings, so it may not be what many people think, forgive me. And you? What’s your favorite movie of yours?


3 Idiots (2009) | 3 Idiots

Genre: Comedy – Drama

3 Idiots is the series that changed my view of an Indian film. Before, I was afraid to watch them because they sang too much, a little bit of dancing, a little bit of singing, it was very tiring to watch. I remember it was mid-2010, 3 Idiots were not as famous in Vietnam as they are now, at 11am surfing the web, suddenly saw a good poster or opened it and was terribly caught up. Watch a circuit until 2 hours but still not tired.

 Aamir Khan's best movies.
Aamir Khan’s best movies.

The film’s content is about three friends who have been close friends since the first days of entering the university: Rancho (Aamir Khan), Raju and Farhan. In it, Raju and Farhan are always afraid of studying because of pressure from family. Unlike his two friends, Rancho studied because of his passion for machines and enthusiasm from his heart. With his carefree, Rancho motivated and became an inspiration for Raju and Farhan to overcome their fears and graduate together.

With a length of nearly 3 hours, combined with a narrative style that intertwines the present and the past, it is not boring and feels long. On the other hand, it was fully expressed with attractive, humorous and extremely profound details. The guy Rancho is the embodiment of a person capable of standing up to face the declining education system while the number of students committing suicide due to pressure gradually increases. The construction is so excellent that I firmly believe that everyone wants to have such a friend for themselves.

Although unrelated, but along with love movies, 3 Idiots is the source for many photo manipulation pages or quotes because of the extremely excellent lines. At the time of its release, 3 Idiots broke all of Bollywood’s all-time box office records both domestically and internationally.

8.4 IMDb (#84 in Top 250), 67 Metascore and 7.44 Rotten Tomatoes (100% Fresh).

Personal rating: 10/10

Dangal (2016) | Wrestler

Genre: Action – Biography – Drama

Dangal is a biographical film about the Phogat family of 6 sisters who follow the wrestling tradition in India, but focus only on the two eldest sisters. Aamir Khan plays the strict father Mahavir, who was a national champion in wrestling but always worries about not being able to help the country win an international gold medal. All his hopes were put into his children, but the family was full of “duck” who knew who to expect.

Dangal (2016) | Wrestler
Dangal (2016) | Wrestler


It was very surprising that his daughters were resilient, strong, and did not lose to anyone. He even beat up those who slandered him. Not only did Mahavir not reprimand his son, but he was overjoyed, determined to overcome prejudices, ignore scandals and step by step train the two to become the first champions to bring home a medal. Accompanied by the humane lessons about family are extremely deep and touching.

Dangal is currently the highest-grossing film of all time in India. It used to storm the Chinese market and it is also thanks to a large part of this series’ work with Secret Superstar that Aamir Khan was awarded an honorary medal by the host country the following year.

8.5 IMDb (#83 in Top 250) and 7.78 Rotten Tomatoes.

Personal rating: 10/10


PK (2014)

Genre: Comedy – Drama – Fantasy

The film is about a poor alien guy who is stuck on Earth because his spaceship is broken, not working. He must adapt himself and live day to day in different ways and then slowly find a way back to his planet.

PK (2014)
PK (2014)


Personally, I consider PK to be one of the most interesting films in the past few years when it dares to disparage, satirize and criticize religions in a straight-forward way without even saying anything. The satirical humor in the film is extremely clever and enough to tickle viewers to tears. If you are an atheist, you will definitely love this movie.

The film broke a series of records upon its release, reaching #1 in all Indian grossing charts.

8.2 IMDb and 7.52 Rotten Tomatoes.

Personal rating: 9/10

Rang De Basanti (2006)

Genre: Comedy – Drama

Sue is a young English girl whose grandfather had fought in India in the 1920s. After reading her grandfather’s diary, she decided to set out for India to make a documentary about that struggle. , but today’s young Indians no longer care about the past, wars with soldiers are just a faint memory of them. Here Sue got acquainted with 5 young friends and it was Sue’s thoughts that helped them see the noble value of what their forefathers experienced.

Rang De Basanti (2006)

The film is intertwined between the past and the present, extremely attractive, easy to watch, easy to laugh, easy to empathize with and also easy to haunt. Rang De Basanti talks about the dreams and ambitions of an impulsive youth and is a great inspiration for the generation that is gradually becoming YOLO today when there is no plan for the future.

8.2 IMDb (#218 in Top 250) and 7.83 Rotten Tomatoes.

Personal rating: 8.5/10

Like Stars on Earth (2007) | Special Boy

Genre: Drama – Family

Ishaan Awasthi is a boy born into a rich family and received great expectations from his parents. With poor academic results and negative feedback from teachers, the Awasthi grandparents are very disappointed and send Ishaan to a boarding school. This doesn’t make things better, it just makes it worse. The situation began to change when the substitute art teacher (Aamir Khan) entered the class.

Like Stars on Earth (2007)
Like Stars on Earth (2007)

Every baby is a star on earth and we must do our best to protect that. With a rather old motif, Like Stars on Earth has breathed new life into this genre with a gentle, engaging script with an extremely unexpected twist.

It is also Aamir Khan’s directorial debut.

8.4 IMDb (#85 in Top 250) and 7 Rotten Tomatoes.

Personal rating: 8/10

Secret Superstar (2017) | Mysterious Superstar

Genre: Drama – Music

Secret Superstar tells the story of a little girl Insia who was born and raised in a peaceful small countryside of India. Possessing an angelic voice and the ability to play the guitar, I hope to one day become a famous singer. However, her cruel father, who respects men and despises women, prevents her dream. However, I still want to bring singing to people all over the world, so I posted videos of my self-composed songs on Youtube and didn’t forget to wear a veil, as well as taking the stage name Secret Superstar. Not long after, her clips became the top trending on Youtube and from there she embarked on an exciting journey to continue and hold on to her dreams and protect her poor mother.

Secret Superstar (2017)
Secret Superstar (2017)

Thanks to Dangal’s stimulus, Secret Superstar has emerged like that in China, but I find this series to be normal, not as excellent as Aamir Khan’s previous works. The focus of the plot is about the harsh sexism in India (like Dangal) but with the bright and rebellious colors of adolescence. Being a bit forced in some places to create a tearful twist at the end of the movie.

Overall still good, still above average compared to the current level of movies, just nothing groundbreaking compared to Dangal which was so excellent before. A safe, touching, in-depth script with a deep message is not too difficult to understand when Secret Superstar is as successful as its brother.

8 IMDb and 7.29 Rotten Tomatoes.

Personal rating: 8/10.

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001)

Genre: Adventure – Drama – Music

The film tells about the period when India is under British colonial rule and they make a claim to a certain village that if they don’t win the upcoming Cricket contest (a sport loved by the British people), money taxes will be tripled. Aamir Khan plays this guy who accepts this noble responsibility by secretly studying English nobles from afar and then receiving the help of a lady of their country.

It is an epic work of patriotism. The duration is up to 3h44p, so it is quite difficult to chew, mainly singing is still a bit too much. But it is extremely heroic and the character building is very clever.

Aamir Khan decided to open his own company and produce the series himself after hearing the director present the script idea because of the epic epic & rising patriotism. It was also the highest-budget Indian film at the time of production.

Lagaan is the third Indian film to be nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

8.1 IMDb and 7.88 Rotten Tomatoes.

Personal rating: 8/10


Ghajini (2008)

Genre: Action – Drama – Mystery

It is a remake of another Indian film of the same name in 2005. If anyone has ever seen Memento (2000) directed by Christopher Nolan, they will surely recognize many similarities between these two works, because it was inspired by it. from that.

Aamir Khan as a guy with short-term memory loss. This rare disease makes him forget what happened for a short period of time (1 – 2 hours, sometimes minutes, no fixed time). To preserve his memories, he had to use a polaroid camera to take pictures and write notes on them. Ghajini tells about the journey of a poor guy to track down and take revenge on those who killed his girlfriend.

Ghajini (2008)
Ghajini (2008)

If Memento is famous for its style in a story with 3 different timelines that is extremely confusing and difficult to watch, Ghajini is much easier to follow with automatic, sometimes just a few flashbacks. . The revenge plot is interesting, but after 3 hours of watching, it is very tiring because of the continuous singing.

7.3 IMDb and 5.7 Rotten Tomatoes.

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