Phu Yen tourist destinations in 2020 the most attractive

Phu Yen tourist destinations in 2020 the most attractive. With a wild, peaceful and poetic beauty, Phu Yen tourist destinations are causing a fever in the social network community as well as in the domestic tourist destination rankings.  

Phu Yen tourist destinations in 2020 the most attractive
Phu Yen tourist destinations in 2020 the most attractive

Phu Yen tourist destinations in 2020 the most attractive

When traveling in Phu Yen, visitors will be immersed with a land of yellow flowers blooming on green grass in a peaceful and beautiful natural setting.

Not for long-term visitors, ONETOUR will soon send visitors to Phu Yen extremely attractive destinations through the following information:

1. Xom Ro wave breakwater

Long known as a popular tourist destination in Phu Yen – Tuy Hoa, Xom Ro wave revetment is one of the beautiful check-in locations for many young people and virtual enthusiasts on a trip to Phu Quoc. Yen.

Here, visitors will admire the vast array of green moss forming very beautiful cells thanks to the closely guarded waves. An extremely beautiful and magnificent scene.

In recent years, this place has always attracted a lot of tourists to come and find the background for their photos during Phu Yen tour. But also because of that moss gradually no longer eye-catching green, iridescent as before but has decreased a lot.

In general, if you just need to choose a shooting angle and edit it a bit, there is still a beautiful picture with green moss.

To get to this tourist destination in Phu Yen , you can go from the city center. Tuy Hòa to the South, cross the Hùng Vương Bridge to the intersection with traffic lights, turn left, then go one more direction to the sea to reach the destination – Xom Ro.

2. Bai Mon

At this beach, the coast is not too big and only about half a km long, but here the most special feature is that this beach is located between two large mountains, creating a very unique arc shape.

Not only that, Mon Beach is also quite suitable for families with young children and the elderly because here the waves are not too big like other places.

3. Diep Son Island

One of Phu Yen tourist destinations that cannot be missed is Diep Son Island. Although it is a complex of 3 small islands: Hon Giua, Hon Bip and Hon Duoc, this place is still considered an island because the three small islands are quite close and connected in a straight line.

Diep Son Island belongs to Van Phong Bay and is also one of the tourist attractions of Nha Trang.

Coming to this island, tourists can not only admire the sea and islands, pristine but majestic scenery of nature and immerse themselves in the fresh, green water but also visitors can experience “wading through” the a sea-lane link between small islands or water motorbike.

Want to go to Diep Son Island – a beautiful tourist destination in Phu Yen , visitors can rent a motorbike in the city. Tuy Hoa continued to run south about 60km to Van Dia, then along the coastal road to Diep Son.

On the way to Diep Son from TP. Tuy Hoa visitors can visit many other beautiful tourist sites of Phu Yen as Mui Dien or Vung Ro Bay.

4. Dong Cam Dam

Dong Cam Dam is a famous place located in the west of Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen. This dam has a length of nearly 700m with two water canals, the North Main Canal and the South Main Canal.

These two canals provide irrigation water for the large local rice bowl of Tuy Hoa. It not only benefits in terms of irrigation and economy but also provides a source of tourism income for Phu Yen by attracting large numbers of visitors every year.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Phu Yen on the 8th day of the New Year every year, visitors will have the opportunity to admire and participate in the festival held here with the purpose of appreciating the people who built it and played the role. Like the Spring Festival of Phu Yen.

5. Tam Giang Dam

Apart from Dong Cam dam, tourists should not miss Tam Giang dam. This is also one of the very important irrigation works in Phu Yen.

Like Dong Cam dam, Tam Giang dam is also a tourist destination in beautiful Phu Yen . This place has a wonderful landscape, the pictures are extremely magical background.

6. Vung Ro Bay

As a natural boundary on the sea between the two provinces of Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, Vung Ro Bay has a relatively large area of ​​16.4 km 2 . This place is also covered by Deo Ca, Da Bia and Hon Ba, so it looks like a giant mirror nestled in the vast scenery of the mountains. This is also the mooring place for many boats.

With its peaceful beauty of natural scenery and emerald-blue water, this bay attracts many tourists both domestic and foreign to visit and resort.

The coast of this bay has many fine and beautiful sand beaches. Also in the bay, it is home to many marine and aquatic creatures such as shrimp, fish and coral reefs, etc. The undersea reefs look extremely beautiful and brilliant, making many visitors have to unconcerned

7. Roof islet

Another beautiful tourist destination in Phu Yen that tourists should also visit is Cu Lao Mai. This is considered a wild island Robinson of Phu Yen.

This islet is not too far from the mainland but due to being covered by many islands and high mountains, many people do not know it and are now becoming a “mysterious” place for many tourists to explore.

This place is quite deserted and unspoiled, so if you are a lover of the endless pristine nature exploration, you can visit to admire the charming and intact wild beauty of this place. .

8. Xep Beach

Among Phu Yen tourist destinations , it is impossible not to mention a very beautiful beach, Bai Xep. This beach is about 500m long located in the north of the city. Tuy Hoa. This is a beach with wild beauty, dreaming, … to fascinate.

This place is extremely HOT after the famous Vietnamese drama “I see yellow flowers on the green grass” that many tourists know and book a trip to this place in Phu Yen to find out the scenery here. is it as beautiful as in the movie.

The answer is yes. This place is extremely charming and does not disappoint visitors. Looking down from the Ganh he looks down, the beach shows up with the gentle and beautiful beauty of the flowers and trees spreading immense on the prairie combined with the cool green of the clear water.

Not only that, this place also dotted with strong and resilient cacti that spring up into clusters, creating an ideal tourist destination in Phu Yen for visitors to pose and check-in.

9. Hon Chua

With a location close to the mainland, 7km away, it takes only a few minutes by train to reach the temple – an attractive destination for Phu Yen tour. Only standing on the mainland visitors can admire this island in the middle of the immense sea.

A quite special feature on this island is that there are not many large trees, not filled with greenery but only low and low trees.

10. O Loan lagoon

About 22km from Tuy Hoa city, O Loan Dam is a famous Phu Yen destination long time ago. O Loan lagoon is about 1,200 ha. When standing on Quan Cau Pass, looking down, this place is like a phoenix displaying its extremely splendid wings.

This famous tourist spot in Phu Yen becomes even more splendid and more romantic in the moment of sunset, when the sunset starts to fall, visitors just stand here and watch the sunset go down with Time, is a very casual experience that can not be met in urban areas you may not have.

11. Xuan Dai Bay

Xuan Dai Bay is also compared to a water painting with a mountain range stretching out to sea. If you want to immerse yourself in this picture, visitors just go along Highway 1A to the East coast, when you come to Tuy An district in Northern Phu Yen, you will see this bay.

The rock part of the mountain range that reaches out to the sea is eroded by waves, so it becomes extremely unique and attractive shapes that look like the eyes. Xuan Dai Bay – one of Phu Yen tourist destinations – has a very diverse yet harmonious combination of terrain.

That is the rapids after the puddles, then the puddles followed the beaches, the beaches then followed the winding mountains.

Not only that, this bay is also a place to record historical marks of our nation from the feudal period of the Nguyen Dynasty in the naval battle between the Tay Son army and the Nguyen court. This place is also known as the first state of exchange between Vietnam and the United States.

Therefore, if tourists are interested in learning, exploring the history of the country as well as want a beautiful place to visit, have fun, do not forget to add more interesting tourist attractions in Phu Yen such as Xuan Dai Bay is on your tour itinerary.

12. Ong Cop Bridge

Ong Cop Bridge is considered to be the longest wooden bridge of our country so far. This bridge is also known with other names such as Binh Thanh bridge or Tuy An bridge.

The bridge carries a simple, idyllic, rustic structure but is a rare beauty hard to find in photos of Phu Yen tourists. Therefore, this place attracts a lot of visitors to come and visit, take pictures.

13. Nui Ong

Also known as Thach Bi Son or Da Bia Mountain, this mountain shows up with the natural scenery of the majestic mountains in the vast sky.

Not only that, this place also has a pretty big stele, from a distance visitors can see it stands out in the middle of a green mountain region.

14. Mang Lang Church

The tourist destinations in Phu Yen that you should go indispensable for the Màng Màng church. This place is TP. Tuy Hoa is about 35 km to the North. It is one of the oldest churches in Vietnam.

The total area of ​​the church campus is up to 5,000 m². Initially this place was painted pure white but over time it has worn on itself the ancient black coat.

Coming here, visitors will admire the main side of the church with unique and impressive Gothic architecture and two bell towers on the sides. If given the opportunity, visitors can also see firsthand, witness the beautiful scenery, bustling at the time of pulling the bell cord.

Mang Lang Church is truly a good tourist destination for travelers’ journeys. By not only carrying on themselves the ancient overall architecture but also a place to mark the long history of this “golden flower” country.

15. Van Hoa plateau

The tourist destination in Son Hoa – Phu Yen is the Van Hoa Plateau. This place is located at an altitude of 400m with hilly terrain with sunshine, wind and mist, immense trees will make you feel like you are lost in another Dalat.

Tourists also visit the relics of Uncle Ho’s Church along with the base of Phu Yen province. These two places are both recognized and ranked as national historical sites.

Not only visiting, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the famous specialties of this place such as pineapple, jackfruit, … These are fruits brought from Van Hoa plateau, distributed and sold in In many places, typically the markets in Phu Yen and the most concentrated is the Don Market.

16. Disc Rock rapids

Da Dia rapids are a famous landscape in Phu Yen province. This rapids is located in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province.

People call it the Rock Disk rapids because the distance from the shape of the rocks looks like a giant honeycomb with stone pillars stacked very neatly and facing the sea.

This is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Phu Yen with the mysterious black color of the undulating boulders on the clear blue of the sea, making it irresistible to the charming scenery.

To get here, visitors can go along Highway 1A to the North for about 30 km, then to Chi Thanh town, then continue to turn right to the East for about 12 km to reach the destination.

In particular, on the way to the disc rapids from the city center visitors can experience the equally interesting things. Those are extremely beautiful landscapes. What is the attractive coastal road and then the green or golden stages of rice fields, or the great and majestic mountain scenery, … It all catches your eye and makes you remember forever.

17. Lamp Shades

Not far from Da Dia Rapids, there is another attractive tourist attraction in Phu Yen which is no less than Ghenh Dia Disk, which is Ganh Den. This place has a lighthouse located on undulating rocks.

Not too beautiful or glamorous as the Rock Disc rapids, Ganh Den shows up with wild beauty with large and small rocks lying on top of each other. Although simple but not simple!

18. Nhan Tower

One of the tourist destinations Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen cannot fail to mention is Nhan Tower. This is a tower located in the city. Tuy Hoa, near the northern bank of Da Rang River and Highway 1A.

This place is very sacred and used by locals to worship the gods of the ancient Cham people. Speaking of here, visitors probably know the overall architecture of this tower, right? – ancient Champa architectural style.

In terms of general design, the tower is quite similar to the tower in Nha Trang. Because the top of the tower is made from a single stone tablet carved with a lotus bud – the Linga symbol of the ancient Cham people. All four sides of the tower have a fake window with the largest door facing east.

Nhan Tower deserves to be an architectural and artistic work of historical and cultural value of the Cham people. If visitors want to learn the traces of the ancient Cham people, do not hesitate to visit and explore.

19. The Ca Pass

With the dangerous overlap by the most difficult and dangerous road in our country, Deo Ca – Phu Yen tourist destination 2019 always stimulates and attracts a lot of challenging and adventurous adventurers to come here.

Most people want to conquer and assert themselves in the road at this mountain pass. But it is also a huge advantage when visitors can admire the majestic beauty of the mountain pass.

20. Hon Nua

At the foot of Ca mountain pass is Hon Nua. This is also the place to divide the territory of the two provinces of Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa. With an altitude not too large, only about 105m above sea level, Hon Nua is considered an extremely suitable place for outdoor activities such as campfires, BBQ seafood parties, …

Not only that, but also enjoying the quiet and deep atmosphere of the sea at night or participating in fishing activities is also very interesting. Therefore, if tourists choose to go in large groups, this is worthy of one of the famous tourist destinations in Phu Yen should set foot.

21. Spray Area

Vuc Phun is also a remarkable destination for Phu Yen tour. This place is located in the Black Rock mountain range, surrounded by immense forests creating extremely poetic landscape.

You will admire the spectacular scenery when standing from afar and observing the abyss and the vertical cliffs above. Not only that, visitors are immersed in the cool stream of water just below the foot of the waterfall.

Then you can explore the mysterious Black Stone Mountain or follow the trail in this place to watch the lyrical River Lai Lai after having fun with fun playing the clear, cool water, …

22. Dai Lanh Lighthouse

One of the last beautiful tourist destinations in Phu Yen but not all is Dai Lanh Lighthouse. This is known as the Easternmost of the country, also where visitors can admire the first rays of early morning sun early dawn in the sky of Vietnam.

If you want to reach the top of this lighthouse, you need to climb more than 100 spiral steps. At the top of the lighthouse, you can feel the boundless space of the sky and the beautiful natural scenery of Dai Lanh Cape when looking down.

When you admire the natural picture, you will have to tell yourself why not come here sooner. That is also the reason why this place becomes a new tourist destination in Phu Yen that many young people enjoy.

In addition, you can also explore many other interesting destinations in Phu Yen tourism journey in 2020. Let’s go and find out!

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