The rise of Tweed fabric outfits – Vietnam Fall Winter Collection

The rise of Tweed fabric outfits

Tweed fabric is a very good warm material. In the early days, tweed fabric was woven from pure coarse wool and now it is combined with other materials such as mohair or cashmere. Tweed is also known as a good water-repellent, thickened material used for making jackets and warm clothing. The person who is credited with transforming tweed fabrics from common worker materials to high-end materials in fashion for business people is COCO CHANEL.

Tweed has ancestrally been used by Scottish shepherds for hundreds of years to fend off the rampaging highland winds. Tweed fabric was created by the skillful hands and talent of the local weavers here. From pure wool fibers combined with special weaving techniques, a very warm and thick fabric was produced. The weather in Scotland is very cold, so this material is their savior. Its insulation and wind resistance are suitable for the cold and wet climate of the British Isles.

In fact, the Tweed name was the result of a simple error on a bill for a London cloth merchant. The original name of this fabric was Tweel, in Scottish it was Twill. The merchant said that Tweed is a brand name derived from River Tweed – one of the rivers of Scotland. That’s how tweel becomes Tweed.


Vietnamese fashion designers also offer classic but also very modern tweed collections that can be used to wear to work and to parties.

Source: Lobbster

Source: Chim Yen

Source: Lane Jt

In this Fall Winter collection, Vietnamese designers grasp the world trend very quickly, creating luxurious designs. We are in the phase of world integration, so there is no reason that Vietnamese fashion year apart from this race. With this Tet, a series of year end parties or simply dating down the street, weekend cafes, women definitely cannot miss these tweed outfits.

Article: Hoang Han / Photo: Internet

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