Printer error offline and how to fix it

Printer error offline and how to fix it. Offline printer error is not the most serious error, this offline error is often caused by the connection of the printer and the computer is broken or interrupted. But if you do not find out where the cause is to overcome thoroughly, the offline printer phenomenon will often recur.

Install the correct Driver to avoid printer offline

Just before using the printer, users pay attention to install the printer driver on the computer connected to the printer. If the driver is not suitable, the printer will not be able to connect to the computer and cause ofline printer status.

Note: Driver installation must be compatible with each type of printer, then there will be an appropriate driver, usually there will be a driver disk to install.

The printer is offline often

Driver error: With this error, please remove the old driver and reinstall the new driver (reinstall the corresponding driver type)

Check the connection between the printer and the USB cable: If the length of the USB cable is large, the connection signal is not good, the quality of the USB port is not good will also make the printer and cable contact is not normal piercing, this is the cause of offline printer error.

Computer virus or error

Printer connected via an intermediary machine: you must ensure the smooth connection of the two computers together

The printer error is offline but the computer boots up and works

Cause: Service Print Spooler in the computer is disabled

Solution: you must enter the service by:

Press Windows + R

Type in the open services box and select OK

Navigate to Print spooler and select properties

Select Enable and click OK until you see the server running

Can’t connect the computer with the device offline

For a network using a workgroup, the case where two computers cannot see each other can be the cause of computers in different workgroups, now we have to adjust the same workgroup for the computers.

The service workstation in the computer is disabled, you must re-enable the service for the computer to connect to each other.

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