INTERVIEWING’S TIPS for Japanese company

INTERVIEWING’S TIPS for Japanese company. Tips for during the interview. Plan your interview attire the night before. Bring copies of your resume, a notebook and pen. Plan your schedule so that you can arrive 10–15 minutes early. Make a great first impression.
INTERVIEWING’S TIPS for Japanese company
INTERVIEWING’S TIPS for Japanese company


1. Preparation

– Learn in advance about the Interviewed Company via their website. It is also a good practice to ask them some questions during the interview.
– Answer the reasons why you should join into the company.
– The recruiter cares about whether you have any knowledge about their products/ service.
– Find the location before going to the interview. (
– Practice the interview’s skills: answering questions to create the confidence.
– Dress up: wear formal and professional clothes (suits). For ex: Male: wear trousers and white shirt,
together with tie. Female: skirts or trousers (suits) or formal dress. Do not wear flip-flop and instead wear finger-covered shoes.
– Japanese company highly valued the candidates with professionalism, especially on the 1st interview.
– Behave on the Interview
– Observation: only sit when the interviewer already sat, or when they invite to have a sit.
– Friendly: candidate should show their friendliness, listen more than talk.
– Eye-contact: during the interview candidate should remain eye-contact with the interviewer.
– Listening: candidate should actively listen and answer in the details the asked questions. If you cannot get the questions clearly, you can ask the interviewer to repeat the questions. Trying to answer the questions
without listening carefully will not be highly evaluated.

2. Be on-time:

– Be at the interview at least 10-15 minutes before the interview. Being late or giving an excuse such as:
“Run out of gas”, “get stuck at traffic jam”, “the motorbike broken”…will not be accepted.
– In the event that the candidate shows up late, please kindly inform to the interviewer or the in-charge
consultant before the interview.

3. Cell phone:

– Totally turn off the cell-phone during the interview.

Some common questions to be asked on the interview:

1. Introduce about Yourself

Candidate should introduce clearly about the in-charge tasks. Give specific examples or illustrations.
Do not spend much time for introducing the family, the ages, and instead spend time for your experience
and capabilities.
In cases, the candidate works for many different companies, candidate can summarize their main
experiences or activities.

2. Why you want to work for Our Company?

Candidate should find the information about the company in advance in order to well-prepared for this
question. The recruiter wants to hear the answers in details, not generally. Candidates should also avoid
saying the reason of using Japanese in work. That reason is not so motivated.

3. Name some of your Achievements/ Or share about Your Strengths or your Weaknesses

Name some of your big achievements related to the Jobs. Or candidates can describe about their
capabilities to catch up with the new environments.

4. Why you would like to change for the new Job?

Specify the reasons why candidate change for each specific company, and avoid talking bad about
previous company. (Avoid telling: increasing the salary, previous boss is not good…)

Candidates should end the interview by sending the thank you to interviewers or “Arigatou Gozaimasu”. 

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