How to open JNLP file without Java

How to open JNLP file without Java. Every file with a unique extension is associated with an application that runs it. Most users who are not familiar with Java or are just starting to know about it won’t know about some file extensions. Many users are wondering what .jnlp files are and how to open them. Because it’s possible that the JNLP files could be associated with another application, causing it to open incorrectly. In this article, we will share with you what a JNLP file is and how to open it without Java.

How to open JNLP file without Java
How to open JNLP file without Java

What is JNLP file format?

JNLP stands for JAVA Network Execution Protocol and is used to run and manage Java programs on computers or on the internet in general. Files of this type contain information related to downloading Java programs and are saved in XML format. This can be viewed with any text editor.

What is JNLP file format?
What is JNLP file format?

Nowadays JNLP files work due to Java Web Start. It’s nothing more than a Java software that allows you to activate your computer’s applications and functions with a single click. Among them stand out:

  • Eliminate lengthy and tedious software installation processes.
  • It ensures that the program is run at its latest version.

Remember that it is now possible to read a JNLP file from a computer with a Windows or Mac operating system. Thus, this type of application does nothing more than load the code of the program in question to the computer, starting immediately after the first valid instruction is executed. In other words, a JNLP file is nothing more than a Java Program initializer.

How to open JNLP file without Java

Open the JNLP file in a text editor

This method is mainly for inspecting or editing the code of a JNLP file through a text editor. JNLP will not work as it is made to, but simply open in a text editor as a text file. The purpose of this method is that you can open the file, even if you don’t have Java installed on your computer. Sometimes users want to extract a specific piece of information or examine the code of a JNLP file. User can use notepad or some other text editor to open JNLP file. Below, we show you the steps to open a JNLP file in Notepad++:

  1. Right click on the JNLP file and select Notepad++ in the list.
    Note: You can also choose Notepad . If you don’t see any text editors, you can select Open with and then search for a text editor.

    Open JNLP file in Notepad++

This will open the file in Notepad++ and then you can check or edit the code in the JNLP file as shown below:

Open the JNLP file using the JNLP Format 

Opening the file using the JNLP Format It is not difficult to do, it will only be necessary to follow certain instructions. Therefore, below we will explain in a simple and practical way how to open files with JNLP extension in Windows. So the steps are as follows:

  • First, make sure that Java is up to date and working in the Internet browser you are using. We recommend using the latest version of your web browser to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Now locate the file with the JNLP Extension you want to open on your electronic device. Therefore, go ahead and open the Internet browser of your choice. If you’re on the Internet, use the URL Address, but if it’s not on the network, find the location of the file on your PC.

  • After completing the previous step, you can click “Open With”. Next, you will be shown a list of programs that support the ability to open files with the JNLP extension.
  • Now in the possibilities provided to you, select “Start Java web” and continue to click “accept”. In just a few seconds, the file with the JNLP extension will be executed successfully.

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