How to fix Adobe unsupported video driver

How to fix Adobe unsupported video driver, Unsupported Video Driver Premiere Pro 2020.Been using adobe for years, now I get “unsupported video driver” on both my laptop, and on my main PC.All my drivers are up to date.V14 will crash with any kind of use at all.

Method 1 Adobe unsupported video driver

Do not count on WinUX Blocksdows to be fully up to date when it comes to device drivers
Go to the vendor site to be sure you have an updated driver for your graphic adapter
•nVidia Driver Downloads
•ATI Driver

You might not be meeting system requirements. Can you check?… 

There are also intermittent reports that the newest driver is not always the best driver due to driver bugs or compatibility issues, so you MAY need to try an earlier driver version

Method 2

I am suggesting that Adobe had updated its software significantly to make better use of newer features on newer hardware. Unfortunately, as you found out, it broke compatibility with hardware that’s more than three years old. And your CPU is already almost eight years old at this point.


And as you discovered, even a company that’s bigger than Adobe has faced this same dilemma: Either add new features to take advantage of newer hardware, or continue to support old outdated and/or obsolete hardware. One can’t have it both ways.

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