How do I fix the invalid meeting ID in Zoom

How to fix Invalid Meeting ID error in Zoom – The zoom application gives us many benefits, but in the process of use, there are also many errors, annoyances and work interruptions. Each meeting on Zoom Meeting has a unique meeting ID. Participants who want to join the meeting need to have a meeting ID sent by the host. So what is the meeting ID, when does it expire, how to see the meeting ID? How to fix invalid meeting id error when logging in to the meeting? Please follow this article.

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How do I fix the invalid meeting ID in Zoom
How do I fix the invalid meeting ID in Zoom

What is a meeting ID?

The meeting ID is the meeting number associated with the instant or scheduled meeting. The meeting ID can be a 10 or 11 digit number. The 11-digit number is used for instant, scheduled, or recurring meetings. The 10-digit number is used for the  personal meeting ID. Meetings scheduled before April 12, 2020 can have 9-digit IDs.

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When does the meeting ID expire?

General Note

  • For an instant meeting, the meeting ID expires as soon as the meeting ends.
  • You can start your scheduled meeting any time after it’s scheduled.
  • If the meeting does not appear in your upcoming or previous meeting list in the portal, it cannot be started.

For scheduled meetings

IDs of scheduled meetings – also known as one-time meeting IDs (these meetings are only one-time and non-repeating) will expire 30 days after the meeting was scheduled (if the meeting is scheduled). this meeting is not recorded). If you reuse the same meeting ID for the next 30 days, that meeting ID will remain valid for another 30 days.
Scheduled meetings can be started any time before the scheduled time as long as the meeting ID is not expired or deleted.
For recurring meetings
The ID of a recurring meeting will expire if you haven’t started a meeting in 365 days.
You can reuse the meeting ID for future visits.

Note: When scheduling meetings with Outlook or Google Calendar integration, especially recurring meetings. Please refer to the portal for the most accurate scheduled date/time information.

How to fix invalid meeting id error on Zoom

The meeting has expired or been deleted

If you see the message invalid meeting ID (invalid meeting ID) when you try to start your meeting. It’s likely that the meeting ID has expired or been deleted. As the meeting host, check that the meeting ID appears on the meeting page in the Zoom web portal (


For a deleted meeting, you can restore it within a week of the meeting being deleted. The invitation, link, and meeting ID sent before deletion will still work when you restore the meeting, .
Meetings that have been permanently deleted from the recycle bin cannot be restored.
Login error

The  invalid meeting ID  message that appears may be because you log into your account on multiple devices (computer, smartphone, ..). Or log in to multiple email accounts on one browser.


Go to the account icon in the top right corner >> My Profile.
Scroll down to the bottom of the Sign in Device section, select Sign me out from all device.
Then log back in to your Zoom account as usual.

If the above doesn’t work, please try one of the workarounds below:

Sign out of your Zoom account in the browser, then sign back in. Click the start button next to the meeting to launch it.
Directly start your meeting from the Zoom Client on your computer.
Use the Outlook calendar to start your meeting. Start the meeting by clicking the invitation link in the Outlook calendar.
How to see an ongoing meeting ID
For the Zoom Client application on the computer

Way 1

You can view the meeting information including the meeting ID (Meeting ID), password (Passcode) and invitation link (Invite Link) by click on the meeting info icon biểu tượng thông tin cuộc họp

in the left corner of the meeting window.

  1. Way 2

    You can also see the meeting ID when you invite others to join. To view the meeting ID, perform the following steps:

    Select Participants/ or Manage Participants if you are the host.

    Chọn Participants/ hoặcManage Participants nếu bạn là người chủ trì

  2. Select Invite.
    cách sửa lỗi invalid meeting id trên Zoom
  3. he password and meeting ID are displayed.
    hướng dẫn cách sửa lỗi invalid meeting id trên Zoom

For the Zoom app on the phone

Open the meeting dashboard, select the  

icon at the top of the screen.

Note: If you invite someone else to the meeting, the meeting ID will be the 10- to 11-digit number in the URL.

How to see the scheduled meeting ID
View on Zoom’s website

You can view, start, or delete your upcoming or previous meeting IDs in the Meeting page at Zoom’s website (

Cách xem ID cuộc họp đã lên lịch

View on Zoom app

You can view, start, edit, or delete your upcoming meeting IDs on the Zoom app by clicking  tab Meetings.

cách sửa lỗi invalid meeting id trên Zoom

Good luck.

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