Glasses cure myopia: Ortho-K night contact lenses?

Glasses cure myopia: Ortho-K night contact lenses? Currently, wearing Ortho K night lenses is a popular treatment for nearsightedness for those who do not want to wear glasses and are not old enough for LASIK eye surgery. However, not everyone is suitable to use this type of glass. So what are Ortho K nightwear contact lenses? How do I know if I’m suitable for use? Should myopia be corrected by wearing contact lenses at night? All of the above questions will be answered in the article below!

Glasses cure myopia: Ortho-K night contact lenses?
Glasses cure myopia: Ortho-K night contact lenses?

What are Ortho K Night Contact Lenses?

Wearing Ortho K night lenses (Orthokeratology) is a way to correct myopia and other refractive errors such as astigmatism , farsightedness. Glasses for those who do not like to use eyeglasses or LASIK eye surgery or are not eligible for surgery.

Ortho-K glasses are also recommended to control myopia in children. At the same time, this method can also limit dangerous complications for the eyes caused by myopia such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration …

What are Ortho-K Night Wear Contact Lenses?

At the front of the eye is a transparent dome-shaped structure called the cornea that helps focus light onto the retina. When the cornea changes shape, it causes refractive errors.

Ortho K Night Contact Lenses are rigid, gas-permeable lenses that are sturdy enough to realign the cornea but also allow oxygen to pass through to ensure healthy eyes. Based on the flexible properties of corneal tissue, Ortho K glasses work by flattening the central part of the cornea of ​​people with refractive errors, to temporarily return the cornea to a normal eye-like shape. Most glasses are worn while sleeping and removed during the day.

In the morning, when the glasses are removed, the cornea remains flat for a while, so people with refractive errors do not need to wear daytime glasses and still see objects clearly.

However, you need to wear Ortho K glasses regularly at night. Because when you stop using it, the cornea will return to its original shape and cause the eye to have refractive errors again .

The change of the cornea is different for each person, so the ophthalmologist will measure with specialized tools and cut the appropriate glasses. Usually, during the initial period of wearing glasses, the doctor will change up to three pairs of lenses to gradually correct the curvature of the cornea. Once the cornea is in the desired shape, they will cut you a retainer.

Who can use Ortho K glasses?

The method of curing myopia by wearing contact lenses at night is suitable for some subjects such as:

  • Children under 18 years old, age can not have surgery
  • Myopia less than 10 degrees, without astigmatism or only with astigmatism of 3 degrees or less
  • Never had other eye surgery
  • No disease of the cornea or conjunctiva

Advantages of wearing Ortho glasses

  • Improve vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses all day, very convenient in many activities and improve aesthetics.
  • Easy to use, works quickly after a few days or weeks
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Can prevent increased myopia
  • No invasive intervention in the natural eye

Are Ortho K night wear contact lenses safe?

Some people with sensitive skin may experience eye irritation and redness when using Orthor-K glasses. Besides, if used improperly, this type of glasses can also increase the risk of corneal infection leading to keratitis , corneal ulcer… Even in the world, cases of urgent corneal transplantation have been recorded in the world. Acute corneal fungal infection threatens to perforate the cornea and destroy vision. After that, this patient had to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life.

The risks posed by Ortho K glasses are particularly worrisome for children and adolescents. Because this is a group of people with little experience and no sense of hygiene in hands and glasses. Therefore, parents need to closely monitor as well as guide their children to use glasses properly as prescribed by an ophthalmologist.

consult an ophthalmologist if you are planning to use these glasses to cure myopia
Consult an ophthalmologist if you are planning to use these glasses to cure myopia

Notes when using Ortho K contact lenses

To ensure the safe and effective use of Ortho-K glasses, there are a few important things you should keep in mind:

  • Choose a place to buy reputable and safe glasses
  • Wash your hands with soap before touching the glass
  • Store glasses carefully in a clean box, clean with specialized glass cleaner to avoid infection
  • Replace glasses and glasses case periodically every 3-4 months
  • Get enough sleep, at least 6-8 hours a night to have good vision the next day

Through the above article, hopefully readers have better understand the uses and some disadvantages of Ortho K night contact lenses. This method will help you remove glasses, but can also cause some dangerous conditions. in the eye. Therefore, you should consult an ophthalmologist if you are planning to use these glasses to correct myopia!

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