Is the included Wi-Fi router causing network slowdowns?

Is the included Wi-Fi router causing network slowdowns?, A poor quality Wi-Fi router or router is one of the common reasons for a slow network. Common symptoms are slow web page loading speed, connection but unable to connect to the network, or the device suddenly loses its Wi-Fi connection. On many technology forums, many users said that the quality of Internet in the home has improved significantly and more stable after they replaced the bundled device of the carrier with a new Wi-Fi router or modem. So is the included Wi-Fi router causing slow network? However, according to some Internet installation and consultant experts, the slow network in homes is not the fault of the equipment donated from the carrier. The basic needs of the router can be good. But due to the fast growing demand for the family to use the Internet and many devices use it at the same time, the efficiency is not high. However, the carrier’s bundled router also has some drawbacks.

Is the included Wi-Fi router causing network slowdowns?
Is the included Wi-Fi router causing network slowdowns?

A device has to play too many “roles”

The carrier’s equipment has a budget of less than 1 million but has to handle all three features of optical converters (optical transfer), network signal modems and Wi-Fi transmitters, so it is often less stable and when it comes to errors, difficult to find. the real cause.

Poor heat dissipation

Most of the devices that the carrier comes with are plastic shells and do not have specialized metal dissipation systems, so the heat dissipation is poor, especially in the hot season.

Load less equipment

Carrier routers often bear poor load, and can support the connection of few devices. Meanwhile, the popularity of smartphones and smart TVs has caused the demand for Wi-Fi to skyrocket in the home. Especially at night, these devices use a lot of network data at the same time.

Poor broadcast ability

Most of the included devices only support 2.4 GHz with up to 2 antennas, so it is not enough to have Wi-Fi coverage for the whole house.

Difficult to run stably for a long time

The carrier’s equipment uses affordable components, so it is not stable enough and has poor load capacity.

According to some Internet installation and consultant experts, if the user finds that the network is unstable, despite the good transmission signal, replace the new device or buy a Wi-Fi transmitter or a device that integrates both modem and Wi-Fi broadcasting reduces the load on the carrier’s bundled device, thereby making the operation more stable.

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