International travel has many advantages to both travellers and the country that they visited. Do Advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

International travel has many advantages to both travellers and the country that they visited. Do Advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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It is true that there are many benefits in the international travel industry to both tourists and the host nations. While the growth of the service has serious negative consequences, I would argue that these are outweighed by advantages.
On the one hand, there are some aspects of international travel which raise cause for concern. In terms of the tourists themselves, they can easily see the prices in the overseas destination which normally are grossly inflated. They may be overcharged for everything such as taxi, a meal at a restaurant or buying a souvenir. In terms of in host country, the development of the number of tourists, especially foreigners, cause the problem of waste disposal, pollution and unregulated construction of hotels and tourist attractions directly result in permanent damage to the environment. For instance, many beaches in Thai Lan and Malaysia ahave become “concrete jungles” of high-rise hotels and resorts to meet the demand of tourists from many countries in all over the world.
On the other hand, despite such grave issues, there are not insurmountable and must be considered against the advantages of the growing international travel industry. Firstly, the competition among tour operators would lead to the higher service quality of value for money holidays, so that holidaymakers can enjoy their experience in a foreign country and culture to the full. Secondly, the influx of foreign tourists brings money to the host country. In addition, it provides jobs and services for the developing hotel and construction industries.
In conclusion, I believe that the advantages of the growing international travel for both travelers and host countries are greater than the drawbacks.


Travelling abroad certainly exerts several positive influences on tourists as well as the host country. Although there are still drawbacks of international travel, I think its values are more significant.

On the one hand, the downsides of welcoming foreign visitors are varied. Regarding tourists themselves, travel expenses in famous tourist destinations, Venice for example, are expensive, and there are many complicated and tedious prerequisite procedures such as visa application or plane ticket reservation. As for the countries that play host to international tourists, the rise in costs of living may lay much pressure on local people and be a detriment to domestic travel. This is because the growth in the number of tourists from abroad would encourage costs of hotel rooms and other services to increase. People in the neighborhood and domestic visitors would suffer in comparison.

On the other hand, I suppose the benefits of international travel would eclipse those analyzed disadvantages. First, travelers can have numbers of fascinating experiences of exotic cuisine and culture, and they get to see places they have not seen before. A typical example of this is when tourists from other countries come to Vietnam, they would have the opportunity to use chopsticks, enjoy traditional meals and go sightseeing in the countryside. Second, the increased number of foreign people coming to visit another country would evidently enhance tourism industries, contributing greatly to the wealth of that country. If tourists enjoy their trips, they will recommend the destination to their friends or perhaps they will come back in the future.

In conclusion, it appears to me that the merits of international tourism are more notable than its drawbacks.


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