Breaking New : Cannot go to btc-e more than 19 hours

Breaking New : Cannot  go to btc-e  more than 19 hours .  this is the bad new for investor in digital currency


ng New : Cannot  go to btc-e  more than 19 hours 

BTC-e went Mt.gox?.. 66000 BTC was withrawl and right after it it went offline. Be aware. No answer from them now for hours. BTC-e twitter going grazy on them.

But on btc-e Twitter – they are announce it ok: 

We are still continue to perform our unscheduled ongoing maintenance. Will keep you updated. Sorry for the inconvenience

Our engineers are still looking into the issue in data center. We hope to get back online soon. Will continue to keep you updated.

Update 7h am GMT +7 29/7

USA take domain btc-e out of Russian. May it forever back again


Update 3h pm GMT +7 28/7

they announce need 5-10 day to fixed

Update10h am GMT +7 have already accessed ok, but  only a embedded tweeter 

Update 18h pm GMT +7 have already accessed ok at 18pm – GMT +7,but  only a embedded tweeter 

Update 1h pm GMT +7:

Check eth coin still good on Wallet


In early June, the exchange also revealed on Twitter the same situation, when a large number of users access, affecting the execution time of its transaction. In 2012, this floor has also been stolen 4,500 BTC by hackers.

At the same time BTC-E stops working, a Bitcoin purse at Blockchain at the same time receives and transmits nearly 66,000 BTC, equivalent to $ 165 million. According to Duc Nguyen, “this is a split account, but it is not clear whether the BTC-E division or personal account hacked, all the information is not yet officially, waiting for answers From this floor representative “.

We are continue update this new

BTC-e is a digital currency trading platform and exchange.[1] It was founded in July 2011 and as of February 2015 handles around 2.5% of all Bitcoin exchange volume.[2] It allows trading between the U. S. dollar, Russian ruble and euro currencies, and the bitcoin, litecoin, namecoin, novacoin, peercoin, dash and ethereum cryptocurrencies.
It has been a component of the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index since the index started in September 2013.[3] BTC-e is operated by ALWAYS EFFICIENT LLP,[4] which is registered in London and is listed as having 2 officers: Sandra Gina Esparon and Evaline Sophie Joubert

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