Benefits of Bee.Active Face Mask 4 Layer

Benefits of Bee.Active Face Mask 4 Layer.  One of the most comfortable masks on the market! 4 breathable layers, anti-bacterial, particulate matter filtration, water repellent. 3 inner layers with antimicrobial and virus inactivating agent. Made using silver ion technology. Efficacy- Research conducted among academics, industry partners and government agencies, proves the silver ion technology to have anti-microbial efficacy and to inactivate some strains of viruses. The registered active agent in this mask is made using this technology and has been applied in the USA, Canada, EU. The special 4-layer structure of this mask is designed to filter particulate matter, droplets and aerosols that carry bacteria, unsafe, hazardous substances, and to prevent UV.

Water Repellent

Water repellent outer layer, convenient for all weather and preventing contaminated water

Treated with Silver Ion Technology

Two inner twin core layers treated with Agion(TM) using copper and silver ion technology

Lightweight & Breathable

Airy & soft fabric for breathability, ideal for active individuals including exercise, city life, rural life, and more


Material designed to be washable without losing effectiveness or softness.

Our masks are made of 4 breathable layers. The tight weave of this durable fabric creates a water repellent mask that provides anti-droplets and antimicrobial protection. 

​These masks, while not medical grade, can be effective at preventing the spread of viruses from the transmission by droplets, and are helpful to prevent from touching your face.​

​These masks are hand washable and reusable 30 times.

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