Repainting of excavator

Repainting of excavator. Some time you may be wrong by the repainting of excavator for all most of your choice, if you used the agency service, you can get the true painting for newer and easy to look about your excavator, the price of it very cheap 🙂


Used excavator and some equipment often repainting in VietNam with a cost about 1000-2000 usd or less.
They hope the price will be increase or even, all most of it have a more price rental . In some cement and some rock site, they are popularity this one.

I am in the process of refurbishing a JD 690 excavator. It was a ex city machine with poor maintenance, very dirty with worn boom bushings.
I started with a double application of rig wash followed by a thorough hot water 4000 psi wash. After a thorough inspection the boom and frame bushings were replaced followed by a complete removal of the electrical harness. Another degrease and hot pressure wash then by section I blasted the areas white with black beauty and immediately followed with epoxy primer. Imron is the final coat applied the next day or two.
I did remove the glass and do some sheet metal work. It is nice how good she is starting to look! But it is alot of work even with the proper equipment. I am about 50% done. It is taking quite some time and the project has been on hold due to other priorities. If you are going to do it yourself my advice is degrease degrease degrease then you are ready to get started with your paint job.
Good luck!

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