Mini excavator – PC 30MR -3

Mini excavator – PC 30MR -3 . Performance and Versatility
• Komatsu HydrauMind hydraulic system
• Automatic load sensing two-speed travel

• Standard auxiliary hydraulics
• Integrated counterweight and tight tail swing


1- Operator is able to focus on the work in front of them and worry less about a rear swing impact, even in confined areas with only an BOmm 3″ projection over the tracks

2- When two or more actuators are operated simultaneously, the pressure-compensated CLSS system ensures each actuator works according to its control input, regardless of the size of the load. This gives the operator precise control at all times

3- Operator can focus on digging and improve productivity, because they can worry less about obstacles to the rear of the machine, such as parked cars, walls and trees.

4The travel speed selector switch installed on the blade control allows the operator to engage high speed trav­ el. Once engaged the system automatically senses he travel load and shifts between high speed and low speed travel.

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