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Vũ Hà Anh (full name Vũ Nguyễn Hà Anh, born April 10, 1982) is a model, Vietnamese singer.
He has one of the few models in Vietnam that has been active and successful in the international fashion scene.  Ha Anh also attended and was highly regarded for his appearance and behavior in many beauty contests at home and abroad, including Miss Universe Vietnam  and Miss Earth. She is considered one of the most powerful models in Vietnam and was invited to be the main judge of the Vietnam’s Next Top Model contest in 2010. In 2011, Ha Anh tried his hand as a song and has released two singles.

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Ha Anh began pursuing his modeling career in 2006 and worked with MOT Models.  In the same year, Ha Anh won the first European Professional Model and Asian Face in the UK. The judges have commented on Ha Anh: “As a potential person to become a successful model, I have the confidence, the bravery, the gentleness and the charismatic style. The natural order does not follow any pattern. “He also commented that her biggest strength was her self-confidence on stage and in front of the camera. During his time in the fashion world, Ha Anh has performed at many fashion shows in the world such as London Fashion Week, Paris Ethnic Fashion Week, and photography for brands like Gucci, Lynx. , Chloé, Tony & Guy, …

She is also the exclusive face of Rosy Paris, who has appeared regularly at Lingerie International Fashion Week in Paris, Lyon, New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In 2009, Ha Anh terminated his contract with a management company in the UK and on operations in Vietnam, on the grounds of “seeing long-term potential in the domestic market.”

From then on, she quickly gained success on the Vietnamese stage. Ha Anh was named one of the top vintages of Vietnam’s fashion scene, Thanh Hang, Vo Hoang Yen, Ngoc Quyen, etc. Thuy Nga – Elite Vietnam Director said: “Working with Ha Anh, my personal and customers, especially foreign customers, are very comfortable and satisfied. With them in English, which is the attitude of professional work, expressed through very specific things such as punctuality, compliance, director scripts, politeness, friendliness, has a culture of Ha Anh, “and stated that” only Ha Anh and Thanh Hang are worthy supermodels. “Besides being invited to attend the event by foreign brands, she also received the highest performance in the Vietnamese market.  Later on, Ha Anh was added as a guide and instructor of new models.

Although often appearing with boldly sexy dress style, but Ha Anh has declared not to take nude photos. “Personally, I do not think it’s appropriate for me to do naked models,” she said, “but if I do, I do not object, because it’s for fashion, art.” By the end of 2011, Ha Anh is the guest on the TV show. Weekly One – Talk to Le Hoang to discuss the topic of hot photos.


Ha Anh admits singing is his number one passion, even before fashion.  While at college, she was awarded a scholarship to the British Academy of Music for a scholarship but did not have enough to pay for higher education.  Ha Anh first performed on the big stage in the talent competition during the Miss Earth contest in 2006, singing the song “Hero”. That night, she was named Miss Runner, and Miss Ghana told her, “Your song is amazing, you really are a queen with a great voice of Mariah Carey. Singing makes us all feel that we are all winners. “In 2011, Ha Anh and Ho Trung Dung participated in the Perfect Couple program, also a comeback after 6 years away from the music.The pair of Ha Anh – Trung Dung in the second week of the performance song “What When I Missed You” achieved the highest score and judges Le Hoang insisted that Ha Anh “can completely be a singer”.

Ho Trung Dung talked about her “being a perfect playmate” and “working professionally, responsibly, feeling good and singing”. However, the couple stopped at the fifth week, due to being reportedly performing “Love 2000”. After the contest, Ha Anh announced that he would officially become a singer and practice dance and vocal every day. She talked about pursuing singing career: “I have been working in the fashion industry as a model for seven years, and for me I have gone to the land I want, this experience for I am a good enough time, I am ready for a new journey, new challenges in life. ”
On November 28, 2011, the first single “Take My Picture” was released as a DVD, with Harper’s Bazaar.

The riveting R & B / dance song has provoked controversy with the image of a huge investment, but too provocative and Ha Anh’s vocals are still limited. Three days later, Ha Anh held a minishow called It’s Me, Ha Anh at the Park Hyatt Hotel, Saigon to promote the single and release the singer image.

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