How to obtain VietNamese citizenship

How to obtain VietNamese citizenship. Granted Vietnamese citizenship needs are increasing. So, Vietnam Nationality Law and 78/2009 decree stipulate applying Vietnamese nationality for foreigners. Vietnam is one of the nations that has the regulation that only accepts one nationality for those who want to apply Vietnamese citizenship. This means that the foreigners who need Vietnam nationality must renounce their existing citizenship.

How to obtain VietNamese citizenship
How to obtain VietNamese citizenship

Requirements to obtain Vietnamese citizenship

Foreign citizens who permanently reside in Vietnam are granted permanent residence cards. They can acquire Vietnam nationality, if meet the following conditions :

  1. Have full civilization action about  full capacity as the regulations of Vietnam law.
  2. Obey the Vietnamese constitution and laws; respect the traditions, customs and habits of Vietnames ethnic.
  3. Be able to speak Vietnamese adequately to integrate into Vietnamese community.
  4. Have resided in VN from 5 years up to the time of application for Vietnam naturalization .
  5. Be able to ensure life in Vietnam.
  6. Must renounce foreign nationality.
  7. Must Have a Vietnamese name, and clearly stated in the decision of citizenship application.

The application for citizenship will be NOT approved, if the Vietnam Government said that it is detrimental to the national benefit of Vietnam.


Some exemptions from the above conditions (3, 4, 5)

– As a spouse, father, mother or child of VN citizen .

– There are merits special contributions to the cause of building and defending the country VN .

– There are benefits to the State VN .

In addition, 1 in 3 of those cases can be free of conditions ( 6 ) – about the only foreign nationality – if it is allowed by the President. This means that Vietnam can accept multiple citizenship in special cases.

How to apply for Vietnamese citizenship

Required documents to apply for Vietnamese Citizenship:

– The application for Vietnamese citizenship form.

– Curriculum vitae.

– A copy of birth certificate, passport or other documents evidencing the replacing value of foreign nationality.

– Bill judicial level issued by the Vietnam Government for duration of applicants residing in Vietnam. 

– Judicial bills issued by foreign countries for the time of application for naturalization who reside overseas. 

– Judicial votes are granted within 90 days from the filing date.

– Proof of qualified applicants Vietnamese citizenship: a copy of diploma graduate, university, college, professional school .etc where there is no proof of qualifications Vietnamese, the Justice Department held a direct interview to Vietnamese proficiency test .

– Proofs of accommodation, resident time in Vietnam are defined: a copy of permanent resident card.

– Proofs of life in Vietnam of citizenship applicants: papers proving ownership of property; salary certificate or income due to the agency or organization where they work level; certificate from the tax authorities on the taxable income;

– Proof is the guarantee of individual organizations in Vietnam.

– The certification of ward, town or local living of the applicant for Vietnamese citizenship to ensure the possibility of life in Vietnam.

Some special cases:

First, the foreigners who have children together should attach a copy of the birth certificate of the child , and written consent of the parents about the child’s Vietnamese citizenship ( if only the father or mother has Vietnamese citizenship)

Second, some cases are exempted from the Vietnamese nationality. Beside the related Vietnam citizenship exemption conditions, the applicant must be added :

– A copy of the marriage certificate if a spouse is a citizen of Vietnam.

– A copy of a birth certificate or valid papers to prove paternity, the mother in the case of the father, mother or child of Vietnamese citizen .

– Copy Medals, Medals, other noble titles or certificate of authority, the competent institution of Vietnam if there is merit in a special contribution to the cause of building and defending the country.

– People whose citizenship is beneficial to the State, there must be more certificates of agencies where they work, the state agency level or provincial-level People’s Committee confirmed the national income president will contribute to the development of science or economics or culture or society or art or sports.

Papers on files issued abroad must be legalized is, and must be translated into Vietnamese and certified in accordance with Vietnamese law.

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