Congratulation Team Liquid Wins $24 Million The International 2017 Dota 2 Tournament

Congratulation Team Liquid Wins $24 Million The International  2017 Dota 2 Tournament. Team Liquid are the victors of The International 7, a Dota 2 tournament with over $24 million in prize pool. They will take home the lion’s share at $10,806,301 after an historic 3-0 sweep of team Newbee.


Who accepts the truth, they have  chance to succeed!

Kuroky, the legendary dota 1 and dota 2, officially surpassed the Asian team in the world’s largest annual Dota 2 tournament with a total prize pool of $ 24 million – The international.

In 2009 he said: I know that DotA Asia is stronger than Europe but I did not expect their level to go so far. That statement was ostracized by the entire Western Dota world. Three months later the European DotA teams reacted to that statement and then went to China to play and neither of them reached the top four.

Many years later Dota 2 was still dominated by Chinese players in many tournaments, in which they won the 3/7 of the biggest international league championship from 2011 to 2017.
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And KuroKy after nearly 10 years (since 2009) officially became the Hung as leader of Liquid (the most prestigious team in the fifth round against four teams in China) champion The International 2017
Congratulations to  Team Liquid !

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