How to open Youtube links in Youtube app

How to open Youtube links in Youtube app :As the tittle suggests, I have the Youtube app as well as Chrome and some other apps installed on my iPhone 6 Plus (running iOS 12.5.2. However, whenever I click a Youtube link in any browser, or from a specific message app (where someone sends me a link), it will open Youtube in the browsers.

I reinstalled Youtube, but got same result.

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Kindly advise. Thank you!


Method- user embed link:

You could try tapping once and hold your finger on the video to see if a pop-up menu appears that contains an option to Copy or Copy Link.

Then open the YouTube App and paste the link into the Search option field in the upper right to bring up the video in the search.

YouTube Universal Links

YouTube Universal Links make it easy to move between the YouTube app and other apps on your iOS device. When you click on any YouTube link (including, and, your iOS device will automatically open the link in the YouTube App. 

Universal Links are automatically turned on for all devices that use iOS 9 or above as the operating system. To return to your previous app, click the back arrow at the top of the page.

We recommend using the latest available version of YouTube app because it has more features than the mobile web version.

Turn on Universal Links

You can turn Universal Links back on.

  1. Open the YouTube mobile site.
  2. Tap Open at the top of your mobile browser.

Certain links and applications will ask “Open in ‘YouTube’?” In this case, select Open to go to the YouTube app.



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