How to fix IDM extension downgrade error warning on Google Chrome

How to fix IDM extension downgrade error warning on Google Chrome. Some time, You have anouncing is attempted to downgrade extension idm error. In this Article , i will show the way How to fix IDM extension downgrade error on Google Chrome. This is simply
Fix Chrome’s ‘Attempted to downgrade extension’ Error

Method 1:

We shall be a simple way to install chrome IDM into being “Downgrade”.

Step 1: Remove Google chrome

Step 2: Download the portable version of Google Chrome lower than 55 is “not a trial version should not pk 55” on google to find much offline.

Step 3: In the IDM installation directory to find the file “IDMGCExt.crx” drag and drop into the google chrome portable gadget.

Step 4: Turn off the chrome on the back is ok.

Method 2:

1. Use You Unstall software Revo Uninstaller Pro or pro or whatever it is as long as the root is removed, remove the chrome clean out even in regedit ( For more simply and free, you can using the ccleaner

2. Also used debugging software on the machine to clean IDM

3. Reset the machine (remove Chrome should come first then it will automatically reset IDM)

4. Download the latest chrome ==> settings

5. Dowload latest IDM ===> settings – If after installing win 7 ….. turn IDM and IDM by “Run as Admin”

6. Reset factory

7. Open the chrome up, an additional table will appear right IDM first open ==> added


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